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Professional tree service includes tree trimming, tree removal, stump removal and firewood.If you live in Wichita or the surrounding area, you now have a dependable, professional tree care company to call your own! Tree Tamers is the best in the area for all types of tree services, and we’re waiting for our chance to prove to you that we can exceed all your expectations for complete tree care!

There are so many reasons customers choose Tree Tamers for their residential and commercial tree care services. We’ve been in business a long time, and we’ve seen other companies come and go. The secret to our success isn’t a secret at all, but rather a formula that includes everything our customers expect with a healthy dose of extra effort in every area!

Benefits of Choosing Tree Tamers

Having a tree service company that you can call for every job is a huge relief for most

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Wichita-area home and business owners. They don’t have to spend unnecessary time looking for one company that can provide emergency tree service after a damaging storm and another that can offer those day-to-day services they need, like stump removal and firewood cutting.

Tree Tamers can do these things and many more! Keep reading to learn more about our services, but for now, consider the outstanding qualities that have made us Wichita’s most trusted tree care company:



No tree service company offers more complete services. From the initial service to the cleanup stage, we have been giving customers more than they expect as long as we’ve been in business. From tree removal to general trimming and pruning, we offer the finest service that Wichita will find anywhere.


Price matters in every industry. Tree Tamers has always been proud to offer reasonable prices that our customers can afford for the services they need. Tree service professionals have honed, specialized skills, but that doesn’t mean that it should cost a fortune for you to get the services you need!


No company will handle your tree services with a more professional demeanor than Tree Tamers. Our team is specially trained to handle every situation with the highest level of expertise and efficiency possible, but they’ll also treat you, the customer, with respect and patience throughout the entire process.


Some tree service companies get the job done regardless of what’s in their way…literally. They are inconsiderate of your landscaping and property, often causing damage to the surrounding grass, flowers, walkways, and structures. Tree Tamers will do everything we can to protect your property. Care taken to minimize damage to lawn and structures.


When you call Tree Tamers for anything from a free estimate to your yearly tree trimming, you can set your clock by us! Our crews will show up on time, and they’ll get the job done in the amount of time they estimate for you. If any unforeseen circumstances arise, they’ll contact you ASAP to let you know what’s hindering your timely service.


There’s no substitute for experience, and our team has that in spades! We have seen and done just about everything in the tree care business, so know how to care for your property based on all those prior experiences with simple and complex jobs.
This unique and rare set of self-imposed standards have given us the reputation that we’re proud to embrace! Our customers are loyal, and over the years have become more like friends and family. Tree Tamers crews are hardworking in every area, and it’s a difference that’s easy to see!

Wichita Tree Tamers Services

When you need a full range of tree services – or if you aren’t quite sure what you need yet, you can trust us to guide in choosing the best services to maximize the beauty, health, and safety of your property through professional tree care.

Our complete line of tree care services includes professional execution of all of the following:

Excellent tree removal service from the best tree service company around.

Tree Removal

Unfortunately, some trees can’t be saved. Whether they are diseased, overgrown, or damaged, they can cause major problems for you. It’s completely your choice if you want to use our tree removal services to rid your yard of an eyesore. We can also consult with you about the dangers of tree limbs that hang over structures, touch power lines, or obstruct the view coming in or out of your drive.

Tree removal must be done by a professional because it is an extremely dangerous task! Tree Tamers and other professionals have the tools to remove large or oddly placed trees safely and without damaging other property!

Tree Trimming

Tree Tamers recommends that you have your trees pruned every year to maintain their shape and health. Tree trimming services will also give us an opportunity to get up close and personal with your trees to see if any of them are diseased or showing signs of breakage due to their own weight or storm damage.

Trimming and pruning takes a trained eye. Young trees are typically shaped in order to give them a strong structure for future growth, while older trees need to be maintained so that dead or damaged branches can be removed safely. Professionals are adept at knowing what needs to be done and when.

Our tree trimming service makes surrounding trees neat and beautiful.
We make stump removal easy and make your landscape look better.

Stump Removal

After a tree falls or has been professionally removed, you’re left with a large stump which can be unattractive, but it can also be a breeding ground for fungus, bacteria, and mold. These things can quickly and terminally infect nearby trees and shrubs. A tree stump can also house pests – including termites – and give them easy access into your home.

Professional stump removal services are the only way you can ensure that these unwanted organisms are kept at bay. Tree Tamers can get rid of an unsightly tree stump with industrial equipment, including wood chippers that can grind a stump all the way down to just below ground level. This practice allows for refilling the hole with dirt to completely erase all signs of the stump once and for all.

Emergency Tree Removal

A fallen tree can do devastating damage to your home, vehicles or other property. Windows and roofs require skilled workmanship to repair their damage, but first the tree that did the damage has to be removed. That’s when Tree Tamers can help you most!

We have emergency tree service that is fast and professional so that your home or business doesn’t incur any more damage than it already has. We make time for our customers in their moment of greatest need with tree removal or emergency tree trimming services. We can also remove limbs that have detached from the tree but have not fallen to the ground yet.

The best emergency tree removal service company.
Our tree service company can deliver firewood straight to your home.


Tree Tamers is often called on to cut and deliver firewood for our customers. If we are removing a tree from your property and you’d like it cut into manageable sized pieces of firewood, we will gladly accommodate you. We also have plenty of firewood on hand and ready for delivery if you aren’t having your own tree cut down.

We go the extra mile in every sense of the phrase. When Tree Tamers crews deliver your firewood, we’ll make sure that it gets stacked neatly in a dry area as long as one is available. We give our customers considerate service even for something as simple as firewood delivery, because we want to help them protect their investments, no matter what they are!

Wichita Tree Tamers are at your services with all the professional tree service you’ll need to keep your property looking great and free from plant diseases. Our tree removal and tree trimming services are performed by some of the best tree care specialists in the business because we know that the quality of our services begins and ends with them! We seek out the most professional, highly trained staff in order to back up our guarantees, including 100% customer satisfaction when the job is done. Without their experience, Tree Tamers would never have earned the high praise of many area home and business owners!

We believe that professionalism can be carried out in any task. Even our simple services such as stump removal and firewood delivery are performed to the letter of keen customer service and with a pride and thoroughness that can only be found in one place for residents of the greater Wichita area. No service is too big or too small to deserve our ultimate commitment to professionalism in this business!

Setting ourselves apart in the tree care business has gotten easier over the years. We simply anticipate our customers’ needs and meet them! When we are able to provide everything a customer could ask for, he or she will naturally come back again and again for tree care services. They get dependable service for a lifetime, and we get a loyal customer who will pass our name along to others needing tree care. It’s a win-win!

Find out what makes Tree Tamers the best tree care company in the area and the ultimate choice for your home or business!