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Best tree service in Stillwater for tree trimming, tree removal, stump removal and firewood.Stillwater Tree Tamers has worked hard to build a reputation for service and safety, so now that you’re on the hunt for the best Stillwater tree service you can find, you can trust us when we say that we’re the best you can get!

We have a long list of services aimed at meeting residential and commercial customers’ needs, but we don’t sacrifice quality service and workmanship to give you the widest range of services that you’ll find anywhere.

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We love this area, and we’re so happy that we can help Stillwater customers get a handle on their tree care needs, whether its Stillwater tree trimming, maintenance and preventative care or tree removal and emergency services. Our team is a dream to work with, so you’ll always know what’s going on with your project from start to finish.

Why Stillwater Tree Service?

There are countless tree service contractors out there, so why you be persuaded to go with us? We’ve had a lot of time to consider the answer to this question, not to mention how often we share this information with potential clients. Ask us why we think we’re the best tree care company in Stillwater, and here’s what we’ll say:

Great Prices

Whether you need a few minor tree services done throughout the year or a major overhaul on an out-of-control property, we can do whatever it takes to restore and maintain the appearance of your trees without charging outrageous prices! Although we provide a high level of skill with each and every service, we’ll never inflate prices just to line our pockets.


Like it or not, every contractor has to start somewhere. If you don’t want to be the first Stillwater tree trimming or tree removal the company has ever done, then contact a professional team like Stillwater Tree Tamers! Years of experience in the tree care industry has given us the edge that we have over the competition.


No other company will exercise the same level of professionalism and courtesy throughout the duration of your tree care services. We know how to treat people, and we always abide by the Golden Rule. This means that from the time that you contact us until the job is complete, you’ll have the ultimate customer service experience!


Our services are safe for our team members and your family because we know nothing is more precious than the lives of your family and ours. But we don’t stop there. We also take special care to leave your landscaping and structures in perfect condition. It’s our mission to always leave property in better shape than we found it!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Tree removal Stillwater can depend on in every possible way is found at Stillwater Tree Tamers! We guarantee that each customer will be 100% satisfied when their services completed, because that’s the kind of reputation we want to have! When we’re lucky enough to earn a customer’s services for the first time, we make it our business to turn them into lifetime customers!

Our Services

The company you choose for Stillwater tree service needs should be one that can handle the varying needs of the trees and shrubs on your property. From young trees that need to be shaped and protected to older trees that need to be trimmed or thinned, and even for professional stump removal Stillwater residents may eventually need, Stillwater Tree Tamers can do any service that you’ll need to maintain the beauty and health of your trees.

The services below are a few of the most common reasons that customers contact us. If you need a specialized service, something you don’t see here, just give us a call and we’ll discuss your individual needs over the phone or in person!

Tree removal service in Stillwater.Tree Removal

Stillwater Tree Tamers can professionally remove trees from your property so that they don’t damage anything in the surrounding area. Diseased or damaged trees are at an exceptionally high risk of falling, so contact us as soon as you begin to see signs that one of your trees may become a falling risk. We work quickly to provide tree removal Stillwater residents can depend on.

The best source for tree trimming in Stillwater.Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is important for trees of any age, size, or type. It is one of the only non-chemical ways to support tree health and proper growth, as well as promoting the health of surrounding plants. Stillwater tree trimming is one of our specialties, and we are always glad to extend our expert services to commercial and residential customers.

Picture of professional stump removal in Stillwater.Stump Removal

If you need a large stump removed, you know that it’s going to take more know-how and more powerful equipment than most people have access to. Professional stump removal Stillwater property owners need is something that Stillwater Tree Tamers provides. We can quickly and easily remove large stumps or ones that are not easy to access.

For emergency tree removal service in Stillwater trust the professionals.Emergency Tree Service

No emergency tree service company responds faster with the help you need, even in times of crisis! If a tree has fallen on your property and is causing extensive damages – or it’s likely to – call Stillwater Tree Tamers to get the mess cleaned up and to eliminate all danger.

Picture of the best firewood available in Stillwater.Firewood

We supply firewood Stillwater customers need for home heating, camping, and more! Finding the time to chop your own firewood can be nearly impossible, let alone having the energy and strength to do such a strenuous job. Let Stillwater Tree Tamers give you a much-needed break! Elect to purchase your firewood from us, and you can get custom-cut lengths delivered to your door, with absolutely no backbreaking work on your part!

Giving customers everything they could possibly want from a Stillwater tree service has been our goal from the day we opened for business. We never considered compromising the quality of our service for the benefit of offering lots of services we can’t guarantee.

So, no matter what you need – experienced tree removal or firewood Stillwater customers need – residents and commercial property owners can call us for reliable, affordable services provided by a company that’s just down the street!

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