Complete Tree Services in Stillwater

Professional tree service includes tree trimming, tree removal, stump removal and firewood.When you choose Stillwater Tree Tamers, you’re doing more than hiring a tree care company that can give you what you need…you’re also guaranteeing yourself that you’ll get nothing less than impeccable service at every turn!

We give our customers more than the bare minimum each and every day. Our teams can give you all of the following:

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  • More beautiful property
  • Healthier trees
  • Lower risk of plant and shrub diseases
  • Safer outdoor areas for your family

You aren’t likely to find a Stillwater tree service that will give you all of these things, plus unbeatable customer service and excellent prices. A company that can offer you all of these things is one worth keeping!

Our Services

Here’s a rundown of our most common services. If you have specific questions about any of them, we’re all ears! Call anytime to speak with a tree care professional to see which of our services is best for you.

If you need tree removal in Stillwater, contact a professional.Tree Removal

We never want to remove a tree, but sometimes that’s the only option. A fallen tree can take others down with it or destroy the roof of a structure on your property – even the roof of your home! When the tree is too damaged to stand safely or it is being destroyed by a disease, we can provide the tree removal Stillwater home and business owners need to keep their property safe and beautiful.

Tree trimming in Stillwater is best done by professional tree service.Tree Trimming

Whether you call it trimming, pruning, or shaping, it’s all the same. Our professional arborists will examine your trees and determine the best way to trim them based on their age and size. Young trees, for example, need to be shaped into a strong skeletal structure that will support future growth, while Stillwater tree trimming for older trees is more about removing dead or diseased limbs from mature trees.

After your tree has been removed, you will need professional stump removal in Stillwater.Stump Removal

Tree stumps are left behind after tree removal services. A stump of any size can be an eyesore in your yard, but there’s something you can do! Call the only Stillwater tree service that can guarantee complete stump removal for a stump of any size. Stillwater Tree Tamers has powerful stump grinding equipment that can rid your yard of ugly, dangerous stumps!

Stillwater emergency tree removal should be left to a professional tree service company.Emergency Tree Service

When you have a tree or large limb fall on your property, you can call Stillwater Tree Tamers to remove it quickly and safely. Emergency tree removal Stillwater customers get from our pros will keep you and your family safe from electrical lines that may have been affected or wildlife that is displaced when their habitat is disturbed.

Stillwater firewood is available from the best tree service company in Stillwater.Firewood

Cutting firewood Stillwater customers can use for their homes, businesses, or even an old-fashioned campout is something that we do all year round! Our firewood is dry and pest free, and we can deliver it to your home or business and stack it up neatly so it’s ready to use whenever you need it.

Our tree care services are provided by the best arborists in the business. Call us when you need serious help with the trees on your property!

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