Specialized Tree Trimming Service in Stillwater

Trimming young trees takes the right touch, contact a profession tree trimming service.Stillwater tree trimming is one of our specialties because it’s a proactive way to care for your trees and shrubs. Stillwater Tree Tamers will be the first to tell you that it is much easier to keep a tree healthy than it is to heal one that has been damaged or infected. We have the most experience and highest level of knowledge of any tree care company in the area, especially when it comes to trimming and shaping native and non-native trees. Call us for all your tree

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trimming needs, and it’s very unlikely that you’ll ever fall victim to plant disease taking over your property or damaged trees falling on your home.

There are three main types of tree trimming that we do for Stillwater customers. Below, we’ve summarized each one for you so that you can get a clearer picture of what you may need and how helpful our Stillwater tree trimming services can be for all the trees you have on your property.


Early Trimming

Trimming is a must for young trees. Although branch weight isn’t an issue with most species, it is essential to start shaping the tree so that it will have a strong structure as it grows. Stillwater Tree Tamers knows how to space out the limbs of a young tree so that it grows with a strong, natural structure. We don’t prune young trees aggressively. This is a common mistake made by property owners and inexperienced tree care companies.


Mature Trimming

Stillwater tree trimming services should be done each year. It’s an excellent way for your tree care pros to get an up-close look at the trunk and branches in order to check them for early signs of disease or for damage that isn’t noticeable from the ground. Trimming larger trees is mostly about safety since the tree’s general shape can’t really be changed after a certain point. We’re able to recommend services that make the tree and the area around it safer. This may include thinning or raising the crown as well as trimming weak branches.


Specialty Trimming

Stillwater Tree Tamers can perform specialty tree trimming for your ornamental trees as well. We have extensive experience with topiaries, shrubs, and unusual trees, so you can get just the right look for your property. Specialty tree trimming gives your home or business a luxurious exterior touch. It takes an eye for design and creativity, as well as a lot of practice! We work hard to make specialty tree trimming look easy!

Stillwater tree trimming is necessary for every home and business with trees of any size. For such important services, you need to choose a reliable company that can see you through, from planting small trees to caring for them into their mature stages. We’re one of the only tree care companies in the area that can offer all the services you need to care for your trees, including tree trimming for trees of all sizes and types!

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