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Best tree service in Wichita for tree trimming, tree removal, stump removal and firewood.Wichita Tree Tamers has been working hard to give our local customers everything they need from a tree service company. We offer all the services you’d expect, but we execute each one with a level of professionalism and skill that you aren’t likely to find with any other tree service in Wichita or the surrounding area.

We enjoy meeting new Wichita homeowners and businesspeople every day and are so honored to call these people our clients and friends once the job is done! Our team is always helpful and friendly so that our customers feel comfortable asking questions and communicating with us about their needs and expectations. Our version of Wichita tree service leaves nothing to the imagination. Starting with an extensive evaluation, we’ll be 100% dedicated to your project until it’s completed to your satisfaction.

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What Makes Us Different

We dare to do what our competitors can’t or won’t: offer excellent services at reasonable prices. For years, it’s been our mission to provide specialized services, from tree removal Wichita homeowners want to Wichita tree trimming that has a multitude of benefits for residents and for the trees themselves. However, we don’t think it’s fair that our friends and neighbors have to pay outrageous prices for a service that they can’t do themselves.

In addition to affordable rates, we keep customers coming back and referring their friends to Wichita Tree Tamers because we guarantee our customers’ complete satisfaction and will do whatever it takes to receive a five star rating from each one! From stump removal Wichita yards need to be safe, beautiful play areas to tree removal, tree pruning, and firewood services, you’ll be so glad that you chose a company that not only keeps its rates fair but one that also gives every ounce of their dedication and commitment to a positive customer experience.

Our Services

Your Wichita tree service needs will change over the years depending on the age, type, and size of your trees. Other factors that will contribute to their care include their proximity to your home or other structures and exposure to pests and plant diseases. Below is a brief summary of our most popular services. If you don’t see what you need listed, call us and we’ll tell you about even more services that we can customize to your unique needs!

Tree removal service in Wichita Kansas.

Tree Removal

We can remove dead trees or those that pose a falling risk regardless of their current state of health. If you’re afraid to stay in your home during a storm because you’re worried about nearby trees falling on your home, we can help! Tree removal Wichita homeowners need is conservative and skilled. Tree removal is a dangerous task and should only be performed by trained and experienced professionals like Wichita Tree Tamers!
For emergency tree removal service in Wichita Kansas trust the professionals.

Emergency Tree Service

When you need a fast response to your tree issues, call us for emergency tree service Wichita can depend on! We can perform a quick assessment to determine the best course of action for the short-term and long-term safety and benefit of your property and trees. We get lots of calls for emergency tree service after storms with high winds, heavy rain, and lightening, but we know that any time a tree falls unexpectedly – on your home, vehicle, or powerlines – it’s an emergency! Now you know who to call!
The best source for tree trimming in Wichita Kansas.

Tree Trimming

Whether you need pruning done to shape up trees or you need them to be cut back because they are touching or almost touching other structures, we can trim them up in no time! Wichita tree trimming is one of our most common services, and we have experience trimming trees in all types of situations. This includes pruning trees for health or aesthetic purposes. We use industry-approved techniques that improve the looks and value of your property and maintain the health of your trees, too.
Picture of the best firewood available in Wichita Kansas.


If you need firewood but don’t have trees to cut or if you’d like us to cut up trees on your property and haul them off, we’ll be glad to assist you in either of these ways. Our firewood services come in handy for people with wood-burning fireplaces and those with outdoor fire pits. We cut the right size firewood Wichita folks need for any purpose. Customers are delighted to find a Wichita tree service that offers firewood cutting and hauling, because we’re one of a handful that actually advertises these services!
Picture of professional stump removal in Wichita Kansas.

Stump Removal

When a tree is cut down professionally or when one falls on its own, there will be some cleanup involved. Wichita Tree Tamers can handle any stump removal Wichita homeowners need done! We have large, powerful equipment that can be used to grind down a stump or dig one up completely. Don’t do these dangerous jobs yourself when Wichita Tree Tamers is just a phone call away!

Professional Service for Professional Results

Wichita Tree Tamers is the best tree service Wichita has to offer. We’re friendly and respectful of our customers’ property, and we provide the best tree care available across a wide variety of specific services. There are some tree care tasks that seem easy enough, so home and business owners think they can tackle these jobs themselves. If you’re thinking of attempting a tree care project on your own, we encourage you to reconsider for a couple of reasons:

  1. It’s dangerous. Trees are large and unforgiving, and they should be given due respect for their size and weight. You could be in grave danger before you know it!
  2. It’s not worth your time. By the time you have made all the necessary precautions, you could have just called us to do the job quickly and for a lower price than you’re probably anticipating!

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