The Complete Tree Services in Wichita

When you choose to work with a Wichita tree service professional like Wichita Tree Tamers, you’ll be making a choice that will benefit you and your trees long into the future for many different reasons. Our services will help you do all of the following:

Professional tree service includes tree trimming, tree removal, stump removal and firewood.

  • Beautify your property
  • Maintain the health of your trees
  • Control plant diseases
  • Increase the safety of your property

When you look at it this way, you can’t afford not to invest in a relationship with an experienced Wichita tree service company that does it all. That perfectly describes

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Wichita Tree Tamers, so don’t waste time looking around for another tree service company that can give you everything we can!

Check out our list of services below, and feel free to give us a call if you have in-depth questions about any of the information you see here.

Tree removal service in Wichita Kansas.

Tree Removal

This service is often a last-ditch effort to protect property and other trees. We’ll recommend tree removal if the tree in question is dead, severely diseased, or has become a liability due to its size or position. Our team will do whatever they can to save a tree, but if it’s past the point of safe and healthy living, we can remove it for you quickly and efficiently.

Tree Trimming

Sometimes you’ll hear it called ‘pruning.’ The terms are interchangeable for the most part, but a tree service technician can explain the subtle differences in each of our services. Wichita tree trimming should be done safely and with the tree’s overall health and aesthetic in mind, so only let a pro near your precious trees!

The best source for tree trimming in Wichita Kansas.
Picture of professional stump removal in Wichita Kansas.

Stump Removal

Tree stumps are left after one or many trees are removed. They can be any size or height, depending on the tree that was removed. It takes forever for a stump to rot on its own, and that process can draw in bugs and disease that can easily infect whole, healthy trees nearby. Wichita Tree Tamers can handle your stump removal requests easily, leaving no sign of a tree or stump behind.

Emergency Tree Service

In the event of a tree emergency, you won’t want to wait a minute longer than necessary to get someone out there to assess the situation. Just as fast, you’ll be ready for them to remove the tree that’s lying across your roof, fence, or vehicle. Even if the tree hasn’t caused any actual damage, emergency tree services can help you clean up your yard and make it look like nothing every happened.

For emergency tree removal service in Wichita Kansas trust the professionals.
Picture of the best firewood available in Wichita Kansas.


If you’re in need of firewood or if you have some to share, Wichita Tree Tamers can help you out! We find suppliers and deliver firewood to those who need it most.

Our services are performed by tree care experts. These technicians are highly trained in methods that protect the tree itself, along with your family and neighbors, not to mention your property. There is an element of danger involved in every service we provide, from stump grinding with heavy-duty equipment to tree removal Wichita home and business owners should never attempt themselves!

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