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Tree trimming in Wichita Kansas is best done by professional tree service.Tree trimming and shrub pruning are important practices for the health and appearance of your woody plants and trees. Wichita Tree Tamers is highly rated for our Wichita tree trimming services, and we’re prepared to share our knowledge and skill in this area with you!

There are several types of pruning that can be done. Here, we’ll discuss a few of them so that you can get an idea of what Wichita Tree Tamers can do for you:

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Trimming young trees takes the right touch, contact a profession tree trimming service.

Young Tree Trimming

A tree needs to be trimmed while it is young in order to develop the structural integrity that it will have for the rest of its life. Lower branches must be allowed to grow faster than terminal leaders so that the tree has its best chance for survival and has a strong frame to support larger, heavier limbs later on.

We can ensure that equal space is maintained between the remaining limbs and that the tree grows with a natural, open canopy. Young trees should never be pruned too aggressively. One mistake could affect the tree’s shape for the rest of its life, so let a professional team like Wichita Tree Tamers work with your trees from the first season they are planted.

Mature trees should be maintained by professionals, so contact a professional tree trimming service in Wichita.

Mature Tree Trimming

Older trees are handled a little differently, so Wichita tree trimming is best left to trained, knowledgeable arborists who know the difference! For a mature tree, the focus is removing dead or hazardous branches so that the tree stays healthy and everyone and everything within the tree’s reach stays safe!

This service may include thinning (not topping) the tree, or it might meant that we just remove a few branches to achieve symmetry. Raising the crown, on the other hand, gives more ground clearance and visibility at the base of the tree. Other times, mature trees need to be pruned in order to avoid interfering with structures or power lines.

If you have special tree trimming needs, contact the best tree timming service in Wichita Kansas.

Specialty Tree Trimming

Wichita tree trimming gets technical when we work with certain types of trees. A few of the formal styles we have experience with include pollarding, pleaching, topiary, and espalier pruning. These formal pruning styles will increase the curb appeal of your home or business as long as they are done correctly.

Beyond that, we can also trim or prune your fruit trees or flowering trees so that they produce better fruits or flowers in more abundance. Some customers even request that we do specialty trimming that will make the view from their home even more enjoyable.

No matter what has made you consider Wichita tree trimming services, Wichita Tree Tamers is the only company in the area that can satisfy all of your tree trimming needs. If your landscape could benefit from any one of these tree trimming services or a combination of them, we’ll evaluate the need and determine the best course of action to get your property looking as beautiful as you want it to!

Let Wichita Tree Tamers perform your regular tree trimming services from the time your trees are small until they are beautiful, mature plants.

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